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Our good governance

«Be the driving force in the electricity sector and the catalyst of growth that supplies high quality reliable energy while distinguishing itself as a model of good governance in Africa»

Eneo Cameroon S.A is committed to doing business in accordance with the most stringent ethical standards. All Eneo collaborators as well as other persons or bodies working on its behalf are enjoined to comply with all the applicable rules and regulations, as well as exhibit integrity in their professional relations and decisions. They shall thus comply with the following requirements:
• Respect and apply rules and regulations related to their areas of activities as well as Eneo’s code of ethics and business conduct and all its other policies, procedures;
• Promote ethical behaviour in all their professional relations and decisions;
• Report any suspected or proven violation of Eneo’s Code of ethics and other rules and regulations applicable in the company.

Our espousal of the values of Eneo Cameroon, namely: Integrity, Respect, Commitment and Cohesion, requires us to respect both the letter and spirit of the laws binding us. The staff of Eneo Cameroon must always strive to do the right thing and give priority to Eneo’s interests.

The ethics and compliance programme is managed by the Compliance Sub-Department, a Controls Central Directorate unit. This programme, which aims at combatting corruption and all sorts of malpractices at Eneo, is based on the model of Cameroon’s CONAC (Commission National Anti-Corruption). The said programme has four main aspects namely: Prevention – Education – Conditions – Incentive – Sanction.



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