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Partnership Express Union - Eneo


Since the signature, in November 2014, of the Partnership Agreement for the payment of Eneo electricity bills in any of your Express Union branches, a new era has begun as regards customer satisfaction along with numerous advantages brought by Express Union.

1- Advantages of the Partnership

  • Pay the bill of a friend or relative and let them collect their receipt in any of our branches
  • Instantly get your receipt
  • Pay your electricity bills via Express Union Mobile
  • Pay your bills at night, on Sundays and even on public holidays
  • Pay your commodity-connection fees
  • Pay your installment agreement quota
  • Pay your miscellaneous charges
  • Save time by making your payments in less than 05 minutes
  • Pay fraud invoices
  • Enjoy competitive tariffs
  • Enjoy proximity
  • Enjoy payment installments from 1 to more than 1 000 000 CFA F


2- How to pay your Eneo bills

2.1- How to pay your Eneo bill at a counter

It’s very easy, once you have received your bill:

  • Go to the nearest Express Union branch with your bill number or Eneo SMS alert;
  • Hand in your bill + money at the Eneo counter;
  • Once payment is done, you will be given your receipt and bill.

2.2- How to pay your eneo bill using your phone

* Via the SMS Syntax below

PF (spacing) 100004001 (spacing) Bill Number (spacing) MPIN; then send it all to 8081.

* Via the application Express Union Mobile to be downloaded for free from Google Play

  • Launch the application Express Union Mobile previously installed on your phone
  • Fill in the right fields of the Menu and follow instruction
  • Go to any Express Union branch to get your receipt.
RangeRates (FCFA)
De 1 Fcfa à 15.000 Fcfa 200
De 15.001 à 20.000 Fcfa 300
De 20.001 à 30.000 Fcfa 300 
De 30.001 à 40.000 Fcfa 400 
De 40.001 à 50.000 Fcfa 400
De 50.001 à 70.000 Fcfa  500
De 70.001 à 80.000 Fcfa  500
De 80.001 à 100.000 Fcfa  700
De 100.001 à 200.000 Fcfa  750
De 200.001 à 300.000 Fcfa  750
De 300.001 à 400.000 Fcfa  1150
De 400.001 à 500.000 Fcfa  1300
De 500.001 à 600.000 Fcfa  1700
De 600.001 à 700.000 Fcfa  1950
De 700.001 à 800.000 Fcfa  1950
De 800.001 à 900.000 Fcfa  2150
De 900.001 à 1000.000 Fcfa  2150
CHAN 2020-CAN 2021: Most of the power supply installations for the sites have been built and operational

Yaounde, 24 January 2020- Eneo has already built and commissioned more than 90% of the installations

Insights on the financial health of Cameroon’s power system in early 2020

Electricity rationing, inputs from the Memve’ele and Lom Pangar dams on energy supply, government

"The sun rises in the East" : After Djoum, Eneo Cameroon commissions its second hybrid solar-thermal power plant in Lomié

Lomié, July 29, 2020. Eneo Cameroon announces the commissioning on 27 July, in Lomié, Eastern Regi


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