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From a tariff and consumption point of view, what has changed with the prepaid?


We are closely monitoring the consumption of our customers and supporting them in their adaptation to this new service. We have teams ready to listen and educate them on how to use the customer interface to monitor and control their consumption, which is the best way to control their electricity budget.

Beyond the surveys carried out, we have the capacity to record all the energy purchased by customers, and to analyze it compared to their previous consumptions.

The billing system approved by the regulator meets the overall philosophy behind electricity billing in Cameroon, which advocates that the smallest consumers should benefit from advantageous rates compared to the average price per kWh of electricity consumed; while the biggest consumers bear the proportion not taken care of by the latter. The more you consume, the higher your tariff; conversely, the less you consume, the more you are likely to benefit from a lower tariff.

Overall, the electricity budgets of prepaid customers have dropped because of the combination of two factors: lower tariff and discipline in the use of electricity. 76% of our prepaid customers are among the most modest, and belong to the Family and Business segments. They witnessed a drop in their electricity bills, for a similar consumption with their previous postpaid meter. These two segments, which represent the vast majority of customers, including modest households and small businesses, recorded decreases of CFAF 1 252 to 4 350 for a consumption of 150 kWh for 1 month.

For the other segments, other levers must be activated in order to save money. It goes from the choice of the subscribed load just necessary for crossing the consumption segment (in kWh) in a given period in the month. For example, you have to buy a lot of kWh at the beginning of the month because it is cheaper, and buy in small quantities (at a lower cost) to finish the month, and start the cycle of the following month with favorable tariffs.

We continue to educate our customers on the proper use of the prepaid meter, so they can take full advantage of its benefits, and especially save money on their electricity budget.


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