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CHAN 2020-CAN 2021: Most of the power supply installations for the sites have been built and operational

Yaounde, 24 January 2020- Eneo has already built and commissioned more than 90% of the installations requested by the public authorities for power supply to sites that will host CHAN 2020 and CAN 2021.
For CHAN 2020, 3 months before the deadline, all the host sites in Douala, Yaoundé and Limbe are fully supplied and ready for the big sporting event!

The Ministry of Sports and Physical Education (MINSEP), prime contractor for the CHAN and CAN projects, requested Eneo to build and provide power supply installations for the selected stadiums in Yaounde, Douala, Bafoussam and Garoua, a total of 22 stadiums and annexes.

The whole project consisted of the construction across 4 regions of more than 47 km of underground network, 36 km of overhead network on metal and concrete poles, 7 supply substations, 15 distribution substations, 1 dispatch station for an installed capacity of 28 MW.

 ‘’ It was quite a huge challenge given the deadlines of 5 months set for the construction of this infrastructure. It was necessary to set up an efficient steering team with experienced and dedicated engineers, spread across all of these regions in order to ensure optimal monitoring of work progress on the sites. The difficulties were daunting, but it was even more challenging to seamlessly emulate and align all the stakeholders involved in the projects’’, Jean Bernard SADEU, Deputy Director of Network Construction at Eneo explained.

In addition, "the option taken to install dedicated power supply facilities on the sites is in line with the decision to set up networks that will not be very prone to breakdowns and will guarantee optimal transmission of power. Their structures will thus facilitate intervention in the event of any incident.” Nicolas Keedi, DEGS Deputy Director of Studies at Eneo explained.

Despite some constraints linked to the progress of road networks and structural works on some sites, Eneo teams have already carried out more than 90% of the works requested by MINSEP. Less than 3 months before the start of the African Nations Championship (April 4 to 25, 2020) and one year from the African Cup of Nations, 9 out of 10 sites already have power supply from Eneo.

The main projects still in progress are:

  • The connection from the dedicated feeder for power supply to the Olembé - Yaoundé stadium, which acceleration depends on the completion of the structural works of the complex
  • Additional dedicated lines to provide power supply to the Kouekong- Bafoussam and Japoma - Douala stadiums following the progress of road rehabilitation works. These stadiums are currently supplied by the first installations constructed.

City of Yaounde
In Mfandena, the main stadium and its annexes are supplied. It remains to finalize the secondary supply on the annex n°3 whose works will be completed at the end of the current month.
The power supply connection at the Olembé stadium is currently disrupted due to delays in the construction of the main structure. However, all the expected supply works are functional. Namely, 11 km of underground networks, 03 power stations with an installed capacity of 5.05 MW. The internal electrical loop of the stadium is to be finalize as the construction of the site progresses.

City of Douala
At the Japoma Stadium, almost all of the expected power works are delivered. An aero-underground power line including 4.4km underground and 4.8km overhead to supply the 8MW.
The commissioning of the dedicated line that will secure the power supply to the Japoma Sports Complex will take place after the construction works of the eastern entrance road. The final layout of the power line depends on the final shape of the road.
The Mbappe Leppe stadium is fully supplied and its distribution station completed Bonamoussadi’s training stadium is also fully supplied and its distribution station completed.
In Bepanda, The Omnisports stadium and its annexes are fully supplied and the expected infrastructures with an installed power of 3.5MW are in place, namely 4.4km of dedicated underground line, 500m of emergency line and two (02) delivery stations and of distribution

City of Bafoussam
To date, two posts with an emergency link supply the Omnisports stadium in Kouekong - Bafoussam and all of its annexes. The completion of the dedicated line will follow after the Bafoussam - Kouekong road’s construction is over.
The municipal stadium of Bandjoun is also fully supplied and its distribution station completed, as are the municipal stadiums of Mbouda, Bamendzi - Bafoussam and Tocket.

City of Garoua
The Omnisports stadium of Garoua (Roumde Adjia) and its annexes are fully supplied and the expected infrastructures with an installed power of 2.2MW are fully connected; namely: 7.6km of dedicated underground line, 6.5km of emergency overhead line and its two (02) delivery and distribution stations.
The Raere, Coton Sport, Poumpoumre and CENAJES training stadiums are fully supplied and their distribution stations completed.


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