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FAQs on Eneo's Prepaid Metering Solution

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Prepaid meter is a modern electronic device that allows you to control and manage your electricity consumption and budget through a CIU (Customer Interface Unit). There are 2 types: the single-phase meter and the three-phase meter

A CIU, also known as a Customer Interface Unit, commonly referred to as "the box", is the communication interface connected to the meter that enables you to monitor your energy consumption and recharge your meter.  It does not consume energy.

  • He/she consumes only what he/she pays for
  • He/she has control over his/her electricity budget
  • No more advance payments for consumption
  • No more unpaid bills left by the tenant
  • No more disputed bills, meter reading and/or non-receipt of bills

You can get a prepaid meter either by conversion or through a new connection:

The cost of a new connection varies based on the estimate that our teams draw up after a technical assessment of your electricity needs. The cost is relatively low and the kit (box, meter, circuit breaker) is currently offered by Eneo to assist customers in upgrading their metering equipment.

The deployment of Eneo's Prepaid Solution is part of the commitments made by Eneo in the third amendment to the Concession Agreement. In fact, the company has made a commitment to the Government of Cameroon to modernise the distribution network and the metering systems. The prepaid meter is a modern technology that is intended to make life easier for users and to transform the way they consume electricity. The gradual deployment of this solution will contribute to improving Eneo's quality of service and its relationship with customers. Customers are sensitised on the many advantages of the Prepaid Solution and, with the customer's agreement, we proceed with the conversion of customers who have chosen prepaid.

Your consumption advances are transferred to your prepaid contract after deduction of any debts you may have. If you do not have any debts, you have the option of being reimbursed for the amount of your APS in electricity credit (token) or in cash (contact your branch to find out how to obtain reimbursement).

The prepaid meter, like all meters supplied by Eneo, is the property of Eneo Cameroon. It is under the direct responsibility of the customer who must report any incident or malfunction that affects it to Eneo.

The minimum purchase amount for kWh is 1000 FCFA and the volume of kWh you receive varies according to the customer segment you belong to. Ex: Family from 50 Fcfa/ kWh in tariff 1, Family plus from 70 Fcfa/ kWh in tariff 1

You can buy prepaid energy credit at any time, without having to leave your home, from our multiple local partners operating all day all week, namely: Orange Money, MTN MoMo, YUP, Ecobank, AfrikPay,  or at the cash desk in an Eneo agency.

No, the purchase price of kWk is the same with all partners depending on volumes. Just note that you may be asked to pay user charges depending on the supplier's system.

If you do not receive your token after purchasing through a mobile payment provider, please call our Customer Relation Centre on the number 8010, send a message through Live chat on our website or our email :

Some partners offer the option of recalling the purchased token, such as Orange Money via the code #150*314#, then select option 2.

Yes, your power supply will be cut off when your credit runs out. However, your CIU will inform you of your energy level via several visual and audible alarms. You can also borrow 10 kWh if you cannot recharge immediately, using the code 811.


When you convert to prepaid, if you have any unpaid consumption bills, the amount due will be transferred to your new meter. This debt will be deducted at a rate of 20% from the amount of each of your refills until your debt is repaid in full.

You are still liable for other debts that cannot be transferred to the prepaid system (regularisation, connection, etc.), in the event of non-payment, the supply may be interrupted. Make sure that these debts are cleared to avoid any inconvenience.

The 10 kWh available when installing the prepaid meter are not free, they are deducted from your first recharge and your purchase is made with the remaining amount.

The fundamental difference between post-paid and prepaid is the payment method. In post-paid, the customer consumes and receives a bill at the end of the month whereas in prepaid, the customer pays before consuming. For both systems, the tariff structure (as prescribed by the regulator) is in consumption brackets (tariff 1, tariff 2 and tariff 3) and varies according to the type of installation and the kWh consumed in a month. It should be noted that the more you consume, the higher the tariff.

With prepaid, the pricing cycle is monthly (calendar month), running from the first day to the last day of the month and resuming at rate 1 from the first day of the following month. A prepaid customer's tariff will therefore depend on his/her installation, which determines the customer segment (single-phase or three-phase, residential or business, and the power installed) and the kWh accumulated in the same month at the time of refills.

Consider the following simulation: You are a Family customer because you have a single-phase meter with a power rating less than or equal to 15A (this segment corresponds to social customers). We are at the beginning of the month (your customer account has no previous post-paid debt, you have not yet bought any kWh this month), you make a refill of 5000 frs You receive 100kWh at 50 frs per unit because from 1 to 150kWh the unit is at 50 frs, this is tariff 1. In this tariff cycle, there is just 50kWh left that you can buy in this tariff. From 151kWh onwards, you will pay tariff 2 for a unit (151 to 220kWh) and from 221 kWh onwards, it will be tariff 3 until the end of the cycle. You can buy the first 150 kWh again at 50frcs per unit from the 1st of the following month.

There are differences in tariffs between post-paid and pre-paid, which are related to the customer segments that exist between the two systems. These segments depend on the type of customer, connection and the subscribed power.


Here are the 5 customer categories with their respective characteristics:






2 wire meter

0 - 15


Family plus

2 wire meter

20 - 60


Premium residential

4 wire meter

0 - 60



2 wire meter

0 - 60


Premium professional

4 wire meter

0 - 60



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