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New 225 kV Bekoko-Bafoussam Transmission Line: better energy for customers and opportunity to accelerate the development of the Distribution Network in the West, North-West, South-West and Littoral Regions


Amine Homman Ludiye represented Eneo at the ceremony to commission the new Bekoko-Bafoussam Transmission,
chaired by the Minister of Water and Energy

This new Line is an important structure in Cameroon's electricity system in general, and in particular for households and industries in the West, South-West, North-West and Littoral Regions.

Bafoussam, July 05, 2022 – Eneo Cameroon is delighted with the commissioning of the new electricity Transmission Line between Bekoko and Bafoussam, built by the Government and operated by SONATREL.

For Eneo, the commissioning of this Line has a double importance. It will induce:

  • Optimization of the production and dispatch of energy;
  • Improving the quality of electrical energy served to customers and industries in the above mentionned Regions. Hence additional investment opportunities on the Distribution side.

On Dispatch Optimization:

The commissioning of this Line will result in significant savings on fuel expenditure, and therefore a relief in the finances of the electricity sector, through:

  • The reduction, by 50%, of the demand on the Limbe thermal power plant;
  • The decommissioning of the Bafoussam and Bamenda thermal power plants respectively.

On the Improvement of Power Supply Quality:

Before this new Transmission Line, the West, North-West, South-West and Littoral Regions faced instability in voltage. This situation impacted the quality of electrical energy supply to households and businesses, and therefore hampered the development prospects of the Distribution Networks.

Its commissioning will generate the following direct benefits:

  • Increase in energy Transmission to the West, South-West, North-West and Littoral Regions;
  • Reduction of occurrences of voltage drops in households and businesses in these Regions.

While waiting for a subsequent reinforcement of the Transmission Network (in particular the construction of new 90kV Lines and the creation of new source substations and reinforcement of existing source substations), this new 225kV Line built by the Government opens up a range of opportunities.

For Eneo, it is a question of carrying out, in the coming months, additional studies to refine investment projects on the Distribution Network, which will generally concern:

  • The construction of new Distribution Networks in the cities of Bafoussam, Bamenda, Dschang, Foumban, Bafang, Mbouda, Bangangté;
  • The construction of new Distribution Lines to unload existing Lines that are overloaded or pose voltage problems. These include, among others:
    • Line D31 Mbouda which supplies the cities of Mbouda, Dschang, Penka Michel;
    • Line D32 Foumbot which supplies the towns of Foumbot, Foumban, Koutaba, Malentouen,
    • Line D33 Bangangté which supplies the towns of Bangangté, Bandjoun, Tonga and part of Mbam and Inoubou;
    • Line D35 Koumbo which supplies the towns of Ndop, Jakiri, Kumbo, Fundong, Sabga, Ndu and Nkambe

Ultimately, these new or reinforced structures on the Distribution side will make it possible to maximize the benefit of a better quality of supply induced by the new Transmission Line; but also to deploy commercial solutions in the Regions concerned with improvement of customer experience, such as post and prepaid smart meters.

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