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Service quality during and after AFCON

Electricity service during and after AFCON 2021: Eneo Cameroon extends motion of thanks to household and industrial customers in the North.

Eneo Cameroon would like to thank all its customers for their support and their contribution to a high quality electricity coverage during the CANTotalEnergies African Cup of Nations 2021 that was staged in Cameroon from 09 January to 06 February 2022.

Eneo had been preparing for this event for a long time and invested massively to improve the availability of its generation plants and its distribution network. In collaboration with the other actors in the electricity sector, Eneo deployed a contingency plan that was widely supported by the various categories of customers.

This helped to ensure continuity of service throughout the country especially in the Northern Regions, despite severe constraints, the most noteworthy being the persistent water deficit in the North Interconnected Grid (NIG), which has limited the output of the Lagdo power plant.

The contribution of customers - your contribution - was especially felt in two ways:

Load shedding of certain industrial and large customers during times of high demand. Several industrial and commercial customers agreed to give up their consumption to enable households watch matches;

Households reporting power failure in their areas through the many local communication channels set up by Eneo. These alerts, together with the increased number of teams, helped to reduce the overall response time.

After the African Cup of Nations, the problem of the water deficit in the Lagdo dam is even more acute and the system is still fragile. A planned programme of load shedding in the three regions of the North is therefore necessary to ensure that the needs of both households and industries are optimally met.

However, in order to limit this shared management of load shedding as quickly as possible and to improve the supply-demand equilibrium in the North, Eneo is currently deploying two solar power plants in Guider and Maroua as well as three thermal power plants in Guider, Maroua and Kousseri, with a total capacity of 55 MW.

In Guider, the thermal plant and the solar plant have already been partially commissioned and the first megawatt hours are being injected into the system.

Also, in order for everyone to contribute as effectively as possible to the management of this situation of energy deficit, Eneo Cameroon urges its customers to regularly consult the load shedding schedule on its website, and to manage their consumption as best as possible to avoid wasting energy and to continue to report cases of unplanned outage through its platforms.

This communiqué covers only the situation in the NIG (North Interconnected Grid)

Download pdf version here



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