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A new site for the new Nkolbisson agency

Located at the western entrance to the city of Yaounde, exactly at the 2nd Nkolbisson échangeur (flyover) entrance, the new Eneo customer centre called "Espace Client de Nkolbisson" is in the Yaounde 7 Sub-Division. It was created in December 2018 following a split in the Nkolbikok agency, with the aim of providing an effective response to the growing urbanisation on the outskirts of the city.


This agency is part of the Yaounde West Commercial Delegation (DECYO), one of the 05 Delegations of the Yaounde Regional Directorate. It has close to 16,000 customers in about twenty neighbourhoods that make up its area of responsibility: Oyomabang, Nkolbisson, Afeme Nord, Ekorozock, Zamengoue, Minkoameyos, Village Ongot, Nkomekoui, Leboudi, Akok-Ndoé, etc.

Bounded by the Nkolbikok, Simbock and Mbankomo agencies, as well as a few localities of the Centre Regional Directorate, this customer centre will have the task of meeting the growing demands of the customers in the neighbourhoods listed above, but also of supporting the people who would like to have access to Eneo's services.

The new Nkolbisson agency has been operational since its creation in December 2018, but was lodged in the current building that accommodates the Nkolbikok agency (which remains fully functional on the same site). For this reason, it now offers all the integrated services of an Eneo agency in its new dedicated location:

  • Reception Services: Connection/Subscription, Inquiries, Complaints;
  • Collection: Cash payments for various services and bill collection;
  • Technical Services: Minor interventions.

Nkolbisson's customer centre is special in that it shares the same building as the Yaoundé West Commercial Delegation and the Technical Operation and Maintenance Centre.

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