PRESS RELEASE : Heart Day 2017

The Cameroon Cardiology Society places the family at the heart of the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (CVD)

Yaounde, 15 September, 2017.

As part of the World Heart Day, the Cameroon Cardiology Society (CCS) announces that it will organize, from 25 September to 1st October 2017, the 5th Heart Day under the theme; « I protect my heart and my family ». The goal of this edition is to raise awareness among families to encourage those already aware of cardiovascular disease (CVD) to talk to others, especially to those around them.

According to Professor Samuel Kingue, President of the CCS, « The family is a place for the promotion of health. The African family is broad spectrum (friends, cousins to parents over generations and children). The concept of solidarity is the basis for interactions in this basic social institution. In view of all this, the family can validly help to reverse the current prevalence trend of risk factors and heart diseases »

The situation of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors remains of great concern in our country and in the world. In Cameroon, about 6% of the population is diabetic. About 30% (1 in 3 Cameroonians) of the population is hypertensive. Diabetics are 4 times more at risk of stroke than the non-diabetics. Overall, 7 out of 10 diabetics die from cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke by 10. Obesity is found in 23% of cardiac artery disease (heart attack). At the same time, it is established that 80% of heart attacks or premature strokes are preventable; hence, the importance of prevention.

« We want everyone to be an actor in the change of behaviour in their family. Share tips : adopt a healthy lifestyle; discover things that are harmful to the heart, meet physicians regularly. This is the focus of these 2017 Heart Day », Samuel Kingue said.

The 5th Heart Day is focussed on a few highlights :

This programme is in line with the global theme decided by the World Heart Federation: "Share the Energy".

The Cameroon Cardiology Society thanks all its partners for their civic commitment to them in the face of this public health challenge. In particular, it hails the Eneo Cameroon, its historical partner, whose support has remained constant over the past decade and Brasseries du Cameroun with its leading water brand Tangui.

About CCS

The Cameroon Cardiology Society (SCC) was created in 1991, driven by a desire by Cameroonian cardiologists to form an association to promote the specialty, both with professionals and patients. It is an academic society which currently comprises some fifty cardiologists and specialists from other disciplines, as associate members.

As a member of the World Heart Federation, the Cameroon Cardiology Society has been celebrating World Heart Day since 2011 by organizing awareness-raising activities for the masses on the danger posed by heart disease. The CCS is chaired by Professor Samuel Kingue

About Eneo Cameroon

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