COVID-19: Measures by Eneo to ensure continuity of service to customers while protecting them

In the face of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) health crisis, Eneo has taken precautionary and safety measures to preserve the health of all our staff and customers.

In order to limit travel and therefore contacts, we are inviting our customers to use our dematerialized services as a priority:

If the customer must go to the agency, suitable facilities are available there.
1- At the entrance of some agencies, a suggestion box might be available to collect complaints and claims (indicate the subject of the complaint, name, telephone and contract numbers);
2- A reinforced security and queue management system in front of the cash desks in order to :

Other agency personnel are deployed no more than 2 persons per office, except where it was possible to be 1.5 meters apart.

Although limited, teams on the field (generation, network maintenance and various interventions) will continue to ensure electricity supply in compliance with health safety rules and other protection measures.

New initiatives to strengthen these preventive and accompanying measures during this trying period are under studies.

Eneo Cameroon is calling on its customers to scrupulously respect all of these measures taken in order to allow effective continuity of service by limiting the spread of the virus.